Namesdao x XCHstore collab

We are excited to announce a collaboration with for custom mugs. Got a Namesdao .xch Name NFT and want it printed on a mug? We've got you covered. These are "hand made", as much as that's possible in today's world, by using your NFT data asset and manually setting up EACH MUG ONE AT A TIME.


namesdao custom mug

Here's how it works:

1. Send us an email to or DM via Twitter

2. Provide the Namesdao .xch NFT link and choose a 11oz or/a 15oz mug size.

3. We'll create the mug and send a "buy it" page back to you.


1. First 10 mugs either size: $15

2. Afterward either size: $19

custom mug layout
Namesdao print layout
closeup one
close up #1
close up 2
close up #2